Break Free from the 9-5 Grind and the matrix life as a Labyrinth Society Member through The Labyrinth Business Library

Tired of the endless rat race? Discover the fast track to financial freedom, health, spirituality and fitness with the Labyrinth Business Library!


As a beginner your first 4-8 Weeks is about completely changing your life, becoming healthy, fit and aiming to build extra income of $10,000 a month to increase the freedom you have in your life.


We guide, support and teach members to build income streams online with Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, building websites, email lists and more.


Support and guidance to learning to invest in crypto, stocks, real-estate and equity gain.


Be guided and supported to learning to and building a real life physical business to increase income and reduce financial stress

Beginner Members Health

As a beginner your aim is to drastically improve your health, fitness and vibration to attain a better quality of life and state of being through education, detox and participating in health practices in the community.


Use the Labyrinths, your fellow members and support networks to train your body and develop physical fitness starting at any level of ability.


Join in with other members of the community to heal and detox with safe fasting, juicing and other natural healing protocols. Detox heavy metals and improve your state of being with support.


Learn the benefits and engage in meditation, breathwork, ice baths (Cold water therapy) and other healing practices to improve your life as a community.


On becoming a member you commit to yourself and spend 4-8 weeks focusing on upskilling your life and are supported to becoming a new you.

Beginners go through the beginner program

  • Learn to Make Money Online
  • Invest
  • Build a Business
  • Detox your body
  • Increase Physical Fitness

When a member is finished with the beginner phase they can then be paid $500-$2,000 a week to support and guide a team of their own

  • 10 Member Team Max
  • Team Leaders Support their own team through beginner phase

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